Aurifil Masters

A Master is a leading personality who is involved in Aurifil’s every day life and takes part in the development of trends and concepts for us. Masters are friends who design an official thread kit, appear on our promotional material, in magazine ads and video tutorials. During Spring and Fall Markets, Masters support us with Schoolhouse lectures and Take & Teach sessions but also stop by our booth where their dedicated corner is set up or one of their artworks is displayed. In other words, Masters know Aurifil “from the inside” because they are part of its growth.

Aurifil Experts

Experts are real Aurifil followers. Great names in the quilt world with a broad knowledge of the market and our products. Their technical support is a source for our Company! Detailed literature on our threads is visible in their books, editorials and blogs as well as the large use of our products in all their works and patterns.

Aurifil Specialists

A Specialist is a professional designer, teacher or author who loves using Aurifil for classes, workshops and all of their sewing projects. Possessing extensive experience with our threads, Specialists are take great joy in sharing their “Aurifil Passion” with everyone!