The Aurifil Offcial Dealers program recognizes dealers who provide an adequate and continuous range of Aurifil Threads, customer service and support through a combination of excellent product knowledge, creative programs and education. Dealers who meet our criteria show “Proudly Offering Aurifil Threads ” logo and are identified in our Dealer Locator listings.

Prerequisite to becoming an Aurifil Official Dealer is to have an official Aurifil Display it can be purchased directly from Aurifil or even from your favorite Wholesaler.


Shops on the Internet are an efficient distribution point. The on-line store must offer a range of Aurifil products. They are displayed on distribution map and supported in events & giveaways.


Vendors are a great resource for Aurifil threads , they offer Aurifil’s products in their shops with adequate selection without joining the Aurifil Official Dealer program. Vendors’s stores are willingly highlighted on distribution map.