As an Aurifil Dealer, your shop has the opportunity to benefit also with an Alex Veronelli in-shop lecture.

During the 90 minute Aurifil lecture, your customers will be delighted with a video that includes a behind the scenes window into how Aurifil threads are made in the factory in Italy. After the video, is all about recommended thread weights for projects and care including washing instructions. Last, but not least, is an array of stunning artworks made using Aurifil threads from top designers in the industry. Your customers will be able to see and handle these incredible works allowing them to see and feel the difference Aurifil makes in actual projects!

The lectures include swag bags for each person attending and one giveaway of a thread collection per session. The lectures are designed to be a more intimate setting it is preferable to have maximum of 30-35 people per session. If you find you have a large number of requests, Alex is open to considering two sessions.

These lectures have been very successful to the shops that have participated in the past for education and sales. The attendees are always astounded by the amount of time and effort that goes into every spool of thread.

The AuriLecture programme is available to Official Aurifil Dealers*.

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