WELCOME HOME by Anna Maria Horner
Colors included:
2410, 2125, 2805, 4129, 6735

Code: AMH50WH5

Welcome Home is Anna Maria Horner’s love letter to her idea of home. She spent a lot of time thinking about what makes a home beautiful and inviting and kept coming back to the old saying— ‘home is where the heart is.’ Feelings of home can be connected with many different places whether because of loved ones, personal history, or that simple and cherished familiarity. Her Welcome Home fabric collection draws on those feelings, using large and small florals, playful graphics, and personal memories made visually diverse to tell a story… one that she hopes finds a new happy home within makers worldwide.

Anna Maria Horner has 2 coordinating thread sets featuring 5 small spools each— designed to give makers all the tools needed to create new and wonderful memories with Welcome Home.