Amy Sinibaldi lives in a small house near the ocean in Los Angeles with her four children and sweet husband. She sees a lot of beauty in her “everyday” and she loves sharing that as she designs, creates and sews.Always writing and drawing since she could hold a pencil, Amy didn’t begin sewing until Father’s Day 2006. That day she was at Target and convinced her husband to buy her a sewing machine. They bought the second cheapest machine available that day ~ a Shark (it was sooo loud!) that she used until Christmas 2011, when she switched to a Singer.

In 2007, she launched nanaCompany on Etsy and it tickles her that people sometimes call her Nana. Back then, her daughters Olivia and Mia were not yet born and she decided on the name “nana” Company as an acronym…

“N” is for Nick, her husband
“A” is for Amy
“N” is for Nicholas, her son
“A” is for Anne, her oldest daughter.

Completely self-taught in everything, Amy is a “see it – do it” kind of girl. She loves trying new techniques and still feels that she is finding her style.

Amy Sinibaldi