LIGHTHEARTED by Camille Roskelley
Colors included:
2270, 5002, 2435, 2415, 2024, 2835, 2882

Code: CR50LC7

“What does it mean to be lighthearted? To me it means to be cheerful, full of love, and enjoying the simple things in life. Some of my favorite people have been lighthearted and full of hope, even in the middle of difficult treatments and challenging times. This collection is a tribute to them. It includes some of my favorite bright and cheery colors, with lots of pink and of course some red and aqua mixed in for good measure. Its happy prints and florals are playful and beautiful, and the basics are the perfect addition to any special project.” – Camille Roskelley

Camille’s coordinating thread set features 7 hues in Small Spools of Aurifil’s versatile 50wt thread.Lighthearted will be a key component of Moda’s Stitch Pink event in October 2023.