RAVEL by e bond
Colors included:
Floss: 1104, 5022, 4020
12wt: 2310
50wt: 1231, 2780, 2435, 2612, 4093, 5015

Code: EBRC10

“Working on RAVEL was an amazing opportunity to continue my visual exploration into shapes. For this collection, I focused on the modern Roman alphabet as the primary shapes. RAVEL became a collection of prints about these shapes coming together and falling apart.” – e bond

e bond’s debut Aurifil collection is the perfect companion to her latest fabric range with Free Spirit Fabrics. Carefully curated with book- binding, quilting, and garment construction in mind, Ravel includes a vibrant range of Aurifil’s 100% cotton 50wt, 12wt, and floss.