WILD GRASSES by Sheena Norquay
Colors included:
2026, 2843, 2886, 2840, 5016
6010, 5010, 2314, 2566, 2568

Code: SN28WG10

“This collection was inspired by photos I took during the lockdown in 2020 of wild grasses growing beside the Caledonian Canal near Inverness and also of photos taken of wild grasses in Orkney several years ago. I remember my late mother’s love of wild grasses and have a photo of her sitting among a tall clump of grasses on the family farm in Orkney. Her appreciation of them has influenced my attraction to their subtle colours and graceful movements.” – Sheena Norquay

Sheena’s latest collection is an arrangement of 10 subtle hues of Aurifil’s 28wt thread, perfect for thread painting with definition. As always, Sheena shows off the thread’s luminescence through her remarkable free motion quilting.