At Aurifil we believe that education is key… that sharing extensive knowledge on the construction and behavior of Aurifil threads will help customers make informed choices when purchasing thread. With that in mind, we’ve created Aurifilosophy.

Aurifilosophy is…
— The search for Knowledge and Truth, especially about the nature and behavior of Aurifil thread.
— A program designed to unlock the mysteries of thread, educate, inspire, and enable all users to achieve brilliant results.

We’ve trained and certified a team of dynamic, charismatic, and brand-loyal designers, artisans, and educators to offer Aurifilosophy using a structured presentation and thread demonstration. Aurifilosophers will cover thread basics, including information on weight and ply, spool positioning, needle recommendations, and tension settings. They’ll offer helpful tips and tricks, share projects and photos aimed to inspire and expand your use of Aurifil threads, and will gift each program attendee with a bag of exclusive Aurifil swag!

Aurifilosophy is geared toward shops, guilds, and groups. Designers may offer companion workshops or classes.

To book a program with one of our certified Aurifilosophers, simply click on an image below to learn more and send an inquiry!




All program bookings are handled between the customer and the Aurifilosopher. Rates & fees are determined by the Aurifilosopher and no money is exchanged between the customer and Aurifil. Aurifil will publish a schedule of known events.


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